Step into a realm of unmatched proficiency with our trucking services, boasting a distinguished track record of over three years specialising in transporting essential train parts throughout Gauteng. With expertise honed in handling vast quantities—over 200,000 kilograms—of mixed recyclable waste across Gauteng, our commitment to eco-conscious logistics is unwavering.
Moreover, our reach extends beyond borders, seamlessly delivering HVAC ducts across multiple provinces—Mpumalanga, Kwazulu Natal, Gauteng, and Eastern Cape—showcasing our expansive logistical capabilities. Count on us for precision, reliability, and a dedicated approach to meeting your diverse transportation needs across regions and industries.


Experience peace of mind with our top-tier security solutions. We go beyond protection—we provide assurance. Our expert team, fortified by cutting-edge technology, offers comprehensive security services tailored to your needs. From robust surveillance to proactive risk management, we safeguard what matters most to you. Trust us to deliver unparalleled safety, allowing you to focus on what’s important, while we handle the rest with utmost diligence and professionalism.

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Discover the pure essence of nature’s bounty with Organic Duvha Maize Meal, a testament to wholesome goodness straight from the fields. Sourced from organically grown maize, our meal embodies a commitment to natural purity and superior quality. Carefully processed to retain its nutritional value and authentic taste, it stands as a beacon of sustainable, healthy eating. Embrace the richness of organic farming and elevate your culinary journey with Duvha Maize Meal, where every grain is a testament to the harmony between nature’s gifts and wholesome dining.