About us


Managing director

Vuledzani Madala is a Mechanical Engineer and the Managing Director of Mangi-Shumi Logistics and Security, showcasing a blend of visionary leadership and technical expertise. His career is steeped in Mechanical Engineering, emphasizing his dedication to excellence and innovation across various domains. Through consulting, he excels in crafting strategic solutions that enhance operational efficiency and foster transformative changes within organizations. His proficiency in manufacturing engineering design has led to the successful execution of intricate projects while upholding industry standards and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Apart from engineering, Vuledzani’s involvement in software and hardware development highlights his forward-thinking nature, seamlessly integrating technology advancements into engineering solutions. This diverse skill set positions him as a trailblazer, consistently setting new benchmarks in engineering methodologies. As the leader of Mangi-Shumi, his vision aligns with innovation, growth, and sustainable development, driving the company’s initiatives. His strategic guidance ensures Mangi-Shumi remains a pioneer in geometric growth solutions, setting industry standards through cutting-edge engineering and technological advancements. Under his leadership, the company continues to expand, propelled by a commitment to excellence and groundbreaking engineering solutions.


Mangi-Shumi Logistics and security has for divisional. Logistics, security , Manufacturing, and Engineering /Research and development .We have been operation for 14 years, transporting goods and providing security services We aim to realize the country's full economic potential by partnering with companies aiming to maximize their development and value.


Our mission is to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge logistics, robust security measures, and innovative manufacturing practices to deliver optimized solutions that exceed industry standards. We're dedicated to ensuring efficiency, reliability, and safety in every aspect of our operations while continuously pioneering advancements to meet evolving global demands.


Our vision is to revolutionise the landscape of logistics, security, and manufacturing by pioneering unparalleled technological advancements and integrated solutions. We aspire to be the benchmark of excellence, fostering a world where seamless operations, fortified security measures, and sustainable manufacturing practices converge to empower businesses and communities worldwide.


We offer a seamless blend of services, ensuring optimized operations, fortified safety measures, and innovative solutions that go beyond industry standards. With us, experience a reliable partner dedicated to delivering excellence across logistics, security, and manufacturing domains.