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Logistics and Security
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We are deeply committed to a growth approach that mirrors geometric progression, envisioning and implementing strategies that catalyse exponential advancement. Our focus lies in harnessing the vast, yet untapped, economic potential of Africa, paving the way for comprehensive development and prosperity across various sectors and communities.
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Mangi-Shumi Logistics

At Mangi-Shumi Logistics and Security,our multifaceted company comprises four integral divisions:Logistics,Security,engineering/manufacturing. With a solid operational history, we specialise in the seamless transportation of goods, provision of top-tier security services, and organic maize meal product.

Our overarching goal is geometric growth. We are planning to achieve this by forging strategic partnerships with enterprises dedicated to optimising their growth trajectory and amplifying their value in the market.

Through years of experience and expertise, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted partner in facilitating secure and efficient logistics solutions while pioneering advancements in organic maize meal products. Our commitment is rooted in fostering economic progress and maximising potential through collaborative initiatives that drive sustainable development and growth.

Engineering and Manufacturing
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